April 2015

The Temptations have a proud and accomplished legacy with a slew of Grammy Awards to show for their hard work and dedication. At the 43rd Annual Grammy Ceremony, The Temptations won a Grammy Award for Best Traditional R&B Vocal Album for the release of their album Ear-resistible in 2001. This is the first Grammy win for Ron Tyson, Harry McGilberry, Barrington “Bo” Henderson, Otis Williams and Terry Weeks. Check out [this interview] with the Temptations after winning the Grammy!

Other Grammy Awards won by Otis Williams and past members of The Temptations include “Best R&B Vocal Group Performance” in 1968 for “Cloud Nine” and “Best R&B Instrumental and Vocal Group Performance” in 1972 for “Papa was a Rollin’ Stone.”

Following their 2001 win, The Temptations’ song “Lady” from the album Awesome was nominated for a Grammy for “Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance” in 2003.

Most recently, The Temptations were nominated in 2007 for “Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance” for their song “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)” from the album Reflections.

Ron Tyson and The Temptations are proud of their storied legacy and the numerous awards and nominations bestowed for their hard work and dedication to the music industry.

In Loving Memory

March 2015

Ron Tyson pays his respects in memory of Eldridge Bryant, Paul Williams, David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks, Melvin Franklin, Rickey Owens, Ray Davis, Harry McGilberry, Ali Woodson, Damon Harris and Richard Street. Each man has dedicated his life to music and the art of expression, and, moreover, gave a piece of themselves to The Temptations. Their legacies and contributions will never be forgotten.

Special Tribute to Vic Carstarphen:

"Vic was like a little brother to Me. We've been like brothers for 45 years.  We first went to LA together in 1972 to work on a record deal for Love Committee.  He was a wonderful songwriter and was part of the writing team of Mcfadden and Whitehead. One of the big songs they had was "Wake Up Everybody".  A great song with a message that is relevant right now. He was an exceptional keyboard player. We wrote songs together and we were roommates in N Hollywood for 5 years.  He became a Temptations band member and we traveled the world together. We alway looked out for one another.  I can not say enough about him and he was definitely family to me.  He was very quiet and very reserved.  He had to know you before he would open up to you personally and I am truly going to miss him.  When we are on stage now, I look at the keyboards and envision him there.  I think I'll always look there and remember him and the good times.  I truly loved him and I miss him. He's in good hands now and I'm sure that the rest of the Temptation brothers (Melvin, Richard Ali, Damon, Eddie, David, and Paul) have embraced him and welcomed him to the heavely Temptations Fraternity.  Miss you baby bruh and will always be thinking of you...but not to worry, we'll meet again one day."

Site Launch Blog Post

March 2015

Ron Tyson is proud to announce the launch of his new and updated website. Herein, you’ll find a wide array of information about Tyson and even the deep history behind his life, including his musical legacy, inspirations and achievements.

Thank you for visiting, and we hope you enjoy a glimpse into the life and career of Ron Tyson of The Temptations.

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