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Fri Apr 27, 2012 13:45:14

Watched u & the rest of The Tempts on Dancing With The Stars, u were great as usual and because of Video on Demand, I get to see it over & over again. How cool is that?
Thu Apr 26, 2012 01:31:00
Bruce Elliott

Caught you guys on Dancing With the Stars Monday night Apr. 23rd...Temptations were great as usual.
Hope you checked out the King of Belgium's Urban Palace (Hilton/Belgium) when you were in Brussel, Belgium. Remember I told you that I stayed there when I toured Europe in 1995. 30 days on the Continent!!
Love you guys!!!
Bruce (Monroe, N.C.) Elliott
Fri Mar 30, 2012 07:05:00
Judy Bourouf

Hi Ron
Wow the O2 show was amazing loved what you and the boys were wearing. Voices were amazing. A wonderful evening "Thank You"
We went back to the Raddison with roses and presents and you didn't come.
So sad we were all so disappointed.
Our taxi picked us up at 1am.
Joe was there Bruce too where did you go?
We had cocktails/Gin and Tonic's and poured ourselves into a taxi home.
Missing you already.
Sat Mar 17, 2012 01:38:43
Marilyn Turner

Hi Ron, I remember you as an NTA at G-town and you were crazy about me, but I use to date Joe Freeman. I have been following you all this time and hope that you could steer me in the Joe Freeman's direction. Desperately seeking JF. I wish you continued success.
Fri Mar 09, 2012 01:04:45

Извините, за ошибку в первом письме... Люди из нашей страны хотят мира...

Excuse, for a mistake in the first letter... People from our country look for peace...
Thu Mar 08, 2012 15:18:29

Пожалуйста приезжайте в город Нижний Новгород, тот что в России)) Я буду очень рад)) Обязательно пойду на ваш концерт) И передайте мои письма Отису))

Please come to the city Nizhny Novgorod, that that in Russia)) I will be very glad)) will Surely go on your concert) And transfer my letters to Otis))
Thu Mar 08, 2012 15:10:57

Спасибо за вашу музыку)) Очень радует) Дарит хорошее настроение когда плохо) Пожалуйста, не злитесь насчет России)) Люди в нашей стране хотят только мира)) Несмотря на нашу власть) Еще раз спасибо за вашу музыку) Она мне очень помогает в тяжелые минуты моей жизни)) Мне так же очень нравится соло Отиса Don't send me away) Очень хорошо исполнено)) Я переводил через онлайн переводчик так что поправьте меня если что я написал неверно)) МИР!))

Thanks for your music)) Very much pleases) Gives good mood when it is bad) Please, aren't angry about Russia)) People in our country want only the world)) Despite our power) Once again thanks for your music) It to me very much helps heavy minutes of my life)) to I as very much like solo Otis Don't send me away) is Very well executed)) I translated through an online translator so correct me if that I wrote incorrectly)) the Peace!))
Tue Mar 06, 2012 20:45:19
saderica pickett

i lova u unkal t number one fan
Fri Feb 24, 2012 17:00:05
Doug Cook

Ron, good show last night, as always! I played lead alto in the band last night at Shippensburg, PA. I've played your show at least a half-dozen times before and I just wanted to say thanks for always being nice to the horn players. You guys are a class act.
Thu Feb 23, 2012 21:03:33

Ron had been lead tenor 3 times as long as Eddie was. Its way harder to keep on keepin on than getting to the top when you are young, so we gotta give Ron major props.
Thu Feb 09, 2012 14:23:55

Hi Ron,
Happy Belated Birthday...I hope you had an AWSOME DAY!!
Wed Feb 08, 2012 20:09:42
Michelle Stevenson

Hi Ron; thanks for all the great music!!!
Wed Feb 08, 2012 12:02:23
ann revill

Happy Birthday Ron, it's mine today too! Hope to see you in Bournemouth and Cardiff in the next few weeks
Mon Jan 30, 2012 17:04:11
Damon Harris


I really like the tune and wish you the success you deserve.


Sat Jan 28, 2012 05:00:45

Hi Ron, why are you leavin out Germany while bein in europe in spring? as far as i remember the last two Berlin T N T shows were packed and a WINNER!!! Much Respect and Love INGO


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